Challenges in Manual and Automation testing

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Applications have to be perfect in all senses to achieve the desired results. Testing is what that ensures that applications are error-free. To know more about the challenges in manual and automation testing, join for Selenium Training in Chennai.

  • Complete application testing

It is actually impossible to test the complete application. Applications can have millions of test combinations. There is no possibility of testing each and every combination in the manual as well as automation testing. Trying to test every combination is actually a waste of time. This will ultimately result in the delay in delivery of final product.

  • Misunderstanding company process

Many miss out to pay attention to the company-defined processes and its purposes. Many testers blindly follow the company processes. They have a thought that they should not divert from company processes. This is not right and can result in inappropriate application testing.

  • Relationship with developers

This is one of the big challenges because it is something that connects one human and another human. Only skilled testers can handle the relationship with a developer in a smooth way. Many testers face this difficult to maintain a smooth relationship and work out things in the testers way. A skillful tester should have strong communication skill to make the developer agree on points where both contradict.

  • Regression testing

It is not possible to control the regression testing work when a project goes on expanding. One has to deal with this challenge more patiently. The concept of regression testing is taught in Selenium Training in Velachery.

  • Lack of skilled testers

This is actually the mistake that the organization commits. Employing unskilled testers means creating problems in the testing process. This will only give you improper testing throughout the process.

  • Testing under time constraints

When an employer orders to complete the project on a short deadline, tester focuses on completing the task. He/she will skip on the coverage and quality. There is a big list of things that you should complete within the mentioned time .the process includes writing, executing, automating and reviewing the test cases.

  • Understanding requirements

The testers are also given the responsibility to interact and talk with the clients to understand their demands. Huge problems will pop up if the tester fails to understand the requirements of the customers. This proves that the tester should have strong communication skills.

These are some of the top challenges in manual and automation testing. You will face more challenges when you actually start working. To face these challenges with confidence, join the best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai.


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