Glance of Google Algorithm Updates

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Every year, Google updates its algorithm around 300-600 times and these changes impact will be very minor and periodically Google update panda and penguin algorithm that impact will result in Google ranking. Google search engine is a dynamic tool and Google is using a trademarked algorithm called PageRank. With the help of Digital Marketing Course in Chennai, every algorithm will be explained clearly. Here is the Glance of Google Algorithm Updates with examples.

Google Hummingbird

Hummingbird is the name of Google algorithm and the name is derive from the words “fast and precise”. The reason behind this word is to focus the meaning of the word in the Algorithm updates. This algorithm is intended to pay more attention to each and every word in the query. The entire word in the Google search is taken into account to aim the page which is very apt to the query. In addition to this, Knowledge graph brings a better result for the search.

Google Mobile Friendly Update- Mobilegeddon

This algorithm mainly focuses on to generate better result to the mobile users who is searching in Google’s mobile search result. The algorithm name called Mobilegeddon, also known as Mopocalypse, Mobilepocalyse and Mobocalypse.

Google Panda Algorithm

The main goal of this Google panda algorithm is to stop the websites which are very poor in content. Periodically, algorithm roll out happens that will highly impact on ranking.

Google Penguin Algorithm

This algorithm updates catch the websites which are linked to bad websites. After the penguin algorithm, websites started to take action to remove low-quality links with the help of Google disavow links tool.

Google Pigeon Algorithm

Google Pigeon Algorithm aim to provides accurate, relevant local search results, this algorithm improves the location and distance ranking.

Google Payday Algorithm

This algorithm target cleans up the search results for “Spamming queries” like pornographic, payday loan and other spammed queries.

Google Pirate Algorithm

This algorithm helps to protect sites against copyright infringement reports. Many Digital Marketing Course focused on real-time training with experienced professional.

Google Top Heavy Update

Top heavy algorithm prevents sites which are “top heavy” with as from the listing. When the algorithm rolls outs, it removes the bad sites that have excessive ads.

Google EMD Update

Exact Match Domain drop sites ranking which is against SEO guidelines when the algorithm roll out sites improved their quality may get the ranking again. Make use of this Glance of Google Algorithm Updates and its uses or else go with Digital Marketing Training in Chennai.

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