Why do we need SAS?

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SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System developed by SAS Institute at North California in 1976. It integrates software solutions and performs some tasks like data retrieval, data management, report writing, mathematical analysis, graphic designing, statistical analysis, project management, app development and much more. Know the benefits of analytics in SAS Training in Chennai, each and every concept was taught by experts. SAS Tool is used for commercial analytics market, it generates meaningful insights and that supports to take better decisions. Currently, there is a huge demand for SAS Base and SAS Advanced area.

Current Innovations

Presently, SAS begun an advanced tool called SAS VIYA.

Why we go for SAS Viya?

SAS Viya is designed for the massive scalability in data management platform. SAS Viya offers open API and it allows non-SAS client languages such as Lua, Java, Python and much more. Generally, the mobile code works with Application Program Interface. At the same time, it provides threaded computing environment in SMP mode. Know everything about new innovations in analytics with the support of SAS course in Chennai. Our experienced candidates will make you more comfortable to work with analytics field. Use this opportunity and become a master in analytics domain.

SAS Visual Data Mining, SAS Visual Analytics, Machine Learning, SAS Visual Statistics and much more are built by the support of SAS Viya architecture.

SAS Components

  1. CAS Analytics Services
  2. CAS SAS Data Step
  3. CAS Microservices

SAS Viya Products

  • SAS Econometrics

It proactively shapes a profitable feature with tactical planning and a good strategy. Econometrics helps to find solutions for challenging risks in businesses. With the support of SAS Viya, you can analyze the impact of specific events in the short duration.

  • SAS Visual Forecasting

Helps to generate the wide variety of forecasts – fastly and automatically. SAS Visual Forecasting supports for coding in a single environment.

  • SAS Visual Analytics

It is a web-based environment which supports the wide variety of applications. It helps you to create interactive reports that are available on mobile or web device. With this support, everyone can share their ideas with others.

SAS Visual Analytics is easy to use. It enables a business analyst to access their outcomes. Data-driven decisions don’t require any coding.

  • SAS Optimization

It helps to find exact solutions for complex businesses with the little amount of time and it also helps to deliver optimization results at breakthrough speeds.

Get to know the importance of analytics at SAS Training Institutes in Chennai. Every day the world has been innovating new techniques and it will be helpful to get a great job in analytics field. Enroll today at FITA and achieve your dream job.


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