Top 05 Advantages of Obtaining an AWS Certification

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AWS CoursesThe Basics of Amazon Web Services

Let’s review some AWS fundamentals before we get into the benefits of AWS certification! First and foremost, an understanding of AWS is necessary. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud platform that offers over 100 cloud services. Companies can use cloud services to access computation, security, databases, storage, and a variety of other resources.

The benefit of using AWS is that businesses only pay for the services they utilize. AWS services assist businesses in putting together full infrastructure. Businesses can execute programs without using real hardware by using full application environments. Businesses may be able to cut expenses while preserving operational scalability as a result. To learn more about AWS Course, Join AWS Training in Chennai at FITA Academy.

Why is AWS so important?

As previously stated, AWS services are priced based on the quantity and types of resources consumed by users. By looking at the capabilities provided by AWS, you may receive a quick overview of the benefits of AWS certification. Users could use AWS’s capabilities to design and launch services. Users can also get the following features through AWS’ other services.

  • Hosting internal apps and client-facing websites on cloud-based web and application servers.
  • All files and sensitive data are securely stored on cloud resources and are easily accessible. The accessibility is great for disaster recovery and data backup.
  • Database management systems such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL, and PostgreSQL are used to create managed databases. This ability aids in the storing of data and the production of reports.
  • Utilizing technologies like AWS CloudFront to build out extensive content delivery networks. Static files can be shared across different edge locations all over the world through content delivery networks.

Benefits of AWS:

We now have a clear understanding of what AWS is and the many capabilities it offers consumers. After examining the reasons for the increased demand for AWS certification tests, we will begin our discussion on the benefits of AWS certifications. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the most popular cloud service provider. Why? It offers enterprises cost-effective services. AWS’ services are scalable and suitable for a variety of business sizes.  AWS Training in Coimbatore will enhance your skills technically in AWS domain.

  1. Making plans for the future

The first benefit mentioned in the AWS certification perks is the growing popularity of cloud computing. According to recent data, about 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be moved to the cloud by 2020. AWS is the industry leader in cloud service providers, as we all know.

  1. New opportunities for professional development

The growth of professional competence is the next entry on the list of top AWS certification perks. As previously said, AWS certifications necessitate a significant amount of study, practice, and dedication to knowing AWS technologies. Furthermore, the concerns about recertification suggest that candidates must keep up with the current AWS trends. As a result, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge in order to obtain the certification, as well as invest time and effort in keeping the certification.

  1. Obtain recognition for your work

Another important aspect of AWS certification benefits is the recognition that certified professionals receive. Digital badges are awarded to AWS qualified professionals. You can use these digital badges to show off your certification success on social media and in your email signatures. The digital credentials grant immediate access to AWS-sponsored certification events. Exclusive admission to certain AWS Summit events and AWS Certification Lounges at “AWS re Invent” is also possible with the digital badges.

  1. Showcase your level of dedication.

AWS certification perks can also be included in your proof of commitment. Candidates pursuing AWS certifications typically devote a significant amount of time and effort to passing the examinations. Candidates, on the other hand, demonstrate their commitment to the AWS platform by opting for AWS certifications. As a result, an AWS certification demonstrates a professional’s dedication to the AWS platform.

  1. Possibilities to improve one’s professional network

As previously said, AWS certification confers legitimacy on qualified personnel. Joining the AWS Certified Global Community is one of the most valuable AWS Certification Online perks. Professionals who are AWS certified can join the AWS Certified LinkedIn Community and network.

You can find possibilities to grow your professional network in the community in addition to creating it. Attending meetups, conferences, and professional meetings becomes easier with AWS certification training. As a result, you’ll be able to interact with a large number of individuals and grow your network, which would otherwise be impossible.


To sum up, AWS is the cloud technology of the future. Along with Azure and Google Cloud, AWS is a well-known name in the cloud service provider industry. As a result, it appears that planning for future changes in the cloud computing employment market is a reasonable benefit. We also need to look at prospective chances for an increase in pay and new work opportunities.