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AngularJs training in Chennai


Upgrading from Angular1 to Angular2.

AngularJs Training in Chennai says that whenever any new upgrade is introduced we always try to upgrade our present data without affecting the present data. When an app is developed using angular1 and after the update you want to start writing codes using Angular2 in such a way that the work done previously should not get affected. Then the coders are advised to make use of ngUpgrade.

The coders have a method where the coders can keep in hold all the processes and work until he codes everything according to the new upgrade. AngularJs training says that if the coders follow this approach then it is called as big bang approach. For this we have the liberty to follow two paths.

  • ngUpgrade
  • ngForward


After angular gained popularity many of the developers have betted high on angular and created some awesome apps using angular. After the update if the coder wants to shift the platform to the advanced level then he can use ngUpgrade. After shifting of platform you can enjoy the advanced speed of Angular and improved API. You will get a better idea after you do AngularJs Training Chennai


The apps which are more sensitive when it comes to download size will not prefer to run two angular running simultaneously.  Here the coders have the liberty to use ngForward here the coders can write angular applications in the syntax of Angular2. This is a very short way, where the coders can used to angularjs2 easily.

Why AngularJs2 should be preferred?  

AngularJs course in Chennai informs that Angular2 has been launched keeping in mind the address the following issues.

  • Mobile
  • Modular
  • Modern


This version of angular has been developed in order to develop more reliable and fast mobile apps. The quality of apps which are built by using of this version of angular would be more in detail and visually appealing. It is believed that once the coding on mobile app is done the it is very easy to handle the the coding on desktop.


The most important update is that various modules of angular have been removed so that the developer can create an app with better performance. Here the developers can choose the part which they want to pick.


This update of Angular is by far the most advanced and modern update where the developers can design a perfect mobile app or a website.

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