Characteristics of Java

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Java- Introduction

Java Training in Chennai says that java programming language was developed and launched by SUN Microsystems in the year 1995. Late on Java was undertaken by Oracle. Java is loved by many developers because of its simple language which is used to develop applications for web as well as for mobile. One main advantage of Java is that this language is supported on all the major operating systems for e.g. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux etc.  Java since its
inception has formed a very strong base that till today it is loved by many developers who are building application for web and mobile.

Characteristics of Java.

According to java training recently J2 of Java was launched and there are some of the peculiar characteristics which are to be noted which are loved by all the developers who use Java for their development activities. Let’s have a look at those few characteristics.

  • Object Oriented- Java is an object oriented model as in Java everything is an object that can be easily extended.
  • Simplicity- The main benefits as to why java is preferred by most of the developers is that it is very simple to learn and even easier to code. The only prerequisite is that one must know the basic concept of OOP java.
  • Security- The new version of Java has many new and exciting features but one of the most important features is that it is more secured than the previous version. A developer can develop without any risks of virus attacks. Best java training in Chennai says that with this the developer can be confident about the existing of his creation as with the previous version if a virus attacks then his existing would be endangered.
  • Improved performance- After the launch of J2 the performance has been remarkably improved and this is just because of the use of just in time compilers.
  • Tougher- J2 makes java even more reliable and tougher now java does all the things which are to be done in order to make the coding error free. It carries out various error checking and runtime checking by which the efforts to make the coding error free increases and it is very effective.

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